No progress?

In this episode of the podcast Andrew and Busi discuss nirvana, vision boards and explore the rules they might be judging their progress by.

Also hear Andrew passionately address some feedback.

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  • Craig Gross
    1 month ago

    I discovered Mr. Andrew Neeme very early on in his vlogging endeavor. At the time I was single, and had been enjoying my single life for a good 50 years. Please note that I base this number from the day I was born. 🙂 Discovering Neeme came at a good point in my life. My poker game turned around about six months into watching every single one of Andrews vlogs. I was happy, and enjoying life. Then, just as everything was going so well a woman at work who I had known for over a year as friends wanted to take things further. Her name is Via (pronounced – Vee-uh). Long story short we started dating, but with one caveat. I get to play poker on the weekends, and watch Neeme. Watching Neeme wasn’t part of the original proviso, but she learned quickly that Neeme comes first. (jk).

    She moved in not long after, and guess what? She learned how to play poker! She didn’t know much about the game, but she learned it. She came with me to the poker room, and would sit behind me and watch. The very first day she saw me throw a $100 into the pot she almost had a heart attack. 😀 She studied the basics, even went as far as to sign up with an on line account for 1c-2c so she could practice. Once she figured out the basics she stopped playing. Why did she do this? Because she wanted to understand what I was doing as well as understand what I would talk about after a poker session.

    We are now engaged. She accompanies me to the poker room from time to time, but for the most part she does her own thing. She even went as far as to purchase me an Andrew Neeme hoodie. Did I mention we are engaged? 🙂

    Though I can never thank Andrew enough for what he has done for helping improve my poker game…(oh oh, I hope Busi doesn’t have to deal with an enlarged ego right now).. I must say that I am quite happy in my new relationship. We haven’t set a date yet, but I suggested Vegas 😉

    Oh, I almost forgot. Via is the one that wanted to do the 5 vlog challenge for the PokerStars event. We were watching the vlog where Andrew mentioned it, and she turned to me immediately and said: “We are doing this!” To be honest I wouldn’t have done it. She did all the work. All the camera work, all the editing. It was her very first time doing it, but she needed an outlet so we did it. She stuck it through for all 5 vlogs. I wasn’t worried about winning I just wanted her to enjoy and learn from the experience. As soon as it was over I bought her a brand new vlogging camera as the one she had wasn’t up to snuff.

    That’s my relationship story in a nutshell. Maybe someday we will come to Vegas and hopefully I’ll be able to thank Andrew personally, and maybe meet Busi too and thank her for all the work she does on the podcast. Got that Andrew? You are not the only creative person in your household. 😉

  • Bob
    1 month ago

    When are you going to get married? I want to send a gift.

  • Craig Gross
    4 weeks ago

    We haven’t set a date yet. We are surprisingly not in a rush, and just taking our time. When we do I’ll be sure to let you know.

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